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Metal-enclosed bus is one of the main products of our plant. Since 1978 the first set of metal-enclosed bus was successfully developed, we have designed and manufactured more than 600 sets of metal-enclosed bus and its associated facility for hydro, coal, nuclear power generating plants home and abroad. The products have been operating well, and some even more than 30 years. Practice shows that our products have the characteristics of installed conveniently, operated safely and quality reliably.

Our products have been identified by the Ministry of Electric Power and then started to produce in 1986. Meanwhile, we drafted the state’s existing <<"Metal-enclosed Bus" National Standards >>(GB/T8349-2000) consigned by the National Bureau of Standards .Due to excellent product design and reliable operation, our products were awarded as Beijing quality products and national quality products in 1987,and were recommended by the Ministry of Electric Power as the preferred domestic manufacturer of metal-enclosed bus for many years.

Metal-enclosed bus works is a branch plant of BPEG which specialized produce various types of metal-enclosed bus including more than 20 qualified professional designers who have rich experience in designing, manufacturing and production processes. We attach great importance to the products quality. Every designer owns one computer and make full use of CAD(computer aid design) in designing to ensure the quality. We adopted vacuum ion silvering technology, effectively reducing the temperature rise of contact face. The introduction of the state-of-the-art automatic protection soldering machine and digital rolling machine ensured the quality of the rolling and soldering. Now we have two assembling lines, making the annual production capacity reached more than 40 sets.

Through long-term design, practice and take focus on new product development, our product pattern ranges from 12~1000MW units with a variety of metal-enclosed bus, such as continuous and noncontinuous enclosure type isolated-phase bus, self-cooled and force-cooled isolated-phase bus, micro-pressure air-charge isolated-phase bus, non-segregated and segregated phase common enclosure bus which can apply to different sizes and patterns .

In the recent 20 years, we have supplied more than 100 sets of metal-enclosed bus for 12MW units and bar and 1000 MW units, of which for the first-phase project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant 310MW has operated well and for the second phase 2 x 600MW are being installed. Haerbin No. 3 Power Plant and Datang Panshan Power Plant 3 sets 600MW units have been generating electricity, Ertan Hydro Power Plant 6 sets 550MW metal have also been operating well. Our products have entered the international market and have exported to Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries. We also have established a experienced team for users with high quality after-sale services, to ensure that the metal-enclosed bus could be installed and debugged smoothly, which won widely users’ praise.

With the socialist market economic system getting further improved and deeply reform of state-owned enterprises , we are also planning to meet the requirements of the situation, deepening the reform and renovating concepts.. We welcome friends of all circles and foreign countries to the plant to visit and inspect. Ensuring the provision of quality products and quality services to users,, we would like to provide our friends with more outstanding products and higher quality service.

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