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  • S11(M.R) Toroidal Cored Distribution Transformers

1.The S11(M.R) toroidal cored distribution transformers which are new type patent products, have been made of the toroidal wrapped core that is the most advanced technique . There are several patents on structure and material of these products. The transformers have performance of high efficiency, low loss and low noises, energy save and safe operation, etc, and its characters have attained advanced level in the world.

2.Technical parameters

The products according to GB1094 'Power Transformer' standards
Product type
No-load loss
No-load current
lower than S9 20-35%
lower than S9 70-85%
Lower than S9 20-35%
Lower than S9 70-85%


  • SCB9, SCB10 Series Cast-resin Transformers

We produce the series cast-resin transformers, based on advanced design and technology and devices, which introduced from ASTRONIC CO. and TUBOLY CO. of Switzerland, and B.P.2 CO. of Italy. The cast-resin transformers of our company all comply with the relevant standards of GB6450, GB/T10228 and of IEC726, are leading in our country, and have many advantages such as high safe operation, low loss, low noises, excellent figure, and can withstand impulse, in addition to good mechanical characters, no chap, anti-short-circuit, anti-damp, flame resistance, self-extinguishing, etc.

Rated power: 30-2500kVA Voltage level: 35kV or lower



  • ZGS9-H(Z)PAD-mounted transformer

The difference between pad-mounted transformers and domestic compact substation is that the transformer core, high voltage load switch, protective fuse of pad-mounted transformer are interactively designed and arranged in one oil tank, which leads to a smaller dimension. The pad-mounted transformer has many advantages such as reliable electricity supply, rational structure, quick installation, flexible and convenient operation, small dimension, low price, etc. it can be used either outdoors or indoors, in industrial zone, residential area, downtown, tall buildings and so forth.

Rated power: 300 up to 2500kVA Voltage level: 10kV

  • ZB(GYB)Combined Transformer

Combined transformer is a compact device, which is used for distribution of electricity of customers such as business center, factory or community, and can be self-protective. The active part of the combined transformer together with switchgear, fuse, and tap changer are arranged in one sealed tank. This product can be installed on concrete base either indoor or outdoor, and can be sling, moved, rolled or glided to base. Both high-voltage room and low-voltage room of the combined transformer can be detachable.

Rating: 30-2500kVA. Voltage level: 35kV and lower

  • CKSC Cast-resin Cored Series Reactors

The cast-resin cored series reactors, that is suitable for small or medium type reactors, with small volume, low loss and low noises, low shake, are recently developed in our country. Our company adopts cored structure, and links our practice with advanced design, technology and devices, which introduced from ASTRONIC CO. and TUBOLY CO. of Switzerland, and B.P.2 CO. of Italy. The products met the relevant standards of nation and Power State, and have excellent characters and operation records.

Rated power: 72-960kVA. Voltage level: 6, 10, 35kV

Reactance ratio: 4.5%, 6%, or 12%.


  • BKSC Series Cast-resin Cored Shunt Reactors

Shunt Reactor is parallel to system, which can be installed either indoor or outdoor, and of single or three phases, as well as fixed or tuning of the reactance. Our company, adopted special designing program and new technique, efficaciously solved many key problems such as noises, shake and partial discharge, etc, developed this new products. The products have passed the test of National Transformer Quality Check Center, and attained the New Product Appraisement by State Power.

Rated power: 4000-16000kVar Rated voltage: 10-35kV.

  • Cast-resin Arc-suppression Reactors

XD(Z)C,XDCR series cast-resin arc-suppression reactors are dry-type, which have capability of tuning reactor. Our company, based on the several decades years experience of producing oil- arc-suppression reactors, linked with advanced dry-type transformers' technique and devices, which introduced from Switzerland and Italy, developed the products. This product, which is only passed new product appraisement by State Power, has gained much praise of costumers, and has excellent operation experience, good technology characters, and is safe and reliable. Our factory is the first factory of batch manufactures the products.
Rated power: 22-1100kVA Rated Voltage: 6-35kV

Regulate mode: on-load or off loadTurning mode: Regulate turns or regulate capacityDifference of step: equal proportion or equal difference
Numbers of step: 5-32 steps

  • DSBC Series Cast-resin Earthing Transformer

In order to support the important project of developing the west of China, We developed the cast-resin transformer. Our company, based on the several decades years experience of producing oil-earthing transformer, linked with advanced dry-type transformers' technique and devices, which introduced from Switzerland and Italy, developed the products. The most large capacity cast-resin earthing transformer, 35kV voltage level, DSBC-1000/35-400/0.4, have been an excellent operation since 2001. The product passed the new product appraisement by National Transformer Test and Supervising Center.

Rated power: 23-1250kVA Rated voltage class: 10-35kV
Can offer rated voltage of second coil: 0.23-0.4kV

  • XD(Z)J Series Oil Arc-suppression Reactors

XD(Z)J oil arc-suppression reactors are our typical products of our company. Our experience in the field of oil-suppression reactors has been lasting for decades already, since our factory founded in 1952. In order to avoid the enlargement of fault range, oil arc-suppression reactors can yield the inductive current to counteract the capacitive current, which can suppress electric arc as the single-phase earthing in three-phase power system, so as to improve reliability of supply system. The product gained the title of High Quality Product of Beijing in 1990.

Rated power: 55-5500kV Rated voltage: 6-66kV
Regulate mode: on load or off load
Turning mode: Regulate turns or regulate capacity
Difference of step: equal proportion or equal difference
Numbers of step: 5-32 steps

  • DS(D)B Series Oil-Earthing Transformers

DS(D)B series oil earthing transformers, which are three-phased transformers, can supply a load and man-made neutral point for the isolated neutral system. The neutral point treatments include solidly earthed neutral system, impedance earthed neutral system, resonant earthed grounded neutral system, arc-suppression-coil-earthed neutral system, etc. Oil-earthing transformers can be with a second coil for the substation supply, and our products are of low noises, low loss, and reliability, as well as have received great praise from customers.

Rated power: 23~1200kVA
Rated voltage: 10~35kV
Can offer rated voltage of second coil: 0.23-0.4kV


  • SG(B)10 Series Non-encapsulated-winding Dry-type Transformers

Our company attained the authority of MORA Transformer Company of German, and has imported the technique of MORA Transformer's design and manufacture. We aim at domestic market, developed the SG (B) 10 non-encapsulated dry-type transformers. Our transformers are of reliable operation; low loss, low noises, low temperature rise, low partial discharge, and high capability of over-load, fireproofing and damp proof etc, as well as the coil can be reclaimed. This product met all relevant standards of GB6450 and IEC60726, and is advanced in rank in our country.

Rated power: 100-2500kVA.
Rated voltage: 10kV, 6kV
Tapping range: ±2X2.5%
Connection system: D,yn11 Y,yn0

  • ZGTD Series Complete Set Device of Auto-tracing Earthing Compensation and Selector Switch Control

Aim at the requirement of market; our company develops the ZGTD series complete set device of auto-tracing earthing compensation and selector switch control. This product integrates the arc-suppression reactor with single -phase earthing selector switch control, can regulate the current from 0% to 100%. We adopt the manner of residual flow gain and active power to realize selector switch control of single earthing, and the degree of accuracy attain to 100%. The device has many advantages such as wide range and rapid speed of regulating, smart mode, accuracy and high speed as well as long life of switch, safe operation and reliability.

Rated voltage: 6-35kV
Test tolerance of capacitive current: ≯2%
Respond time of regulating: 40ms
Time of select line: ≯3s
Number of selecting line: 24
dimension of control screen: 2260x800x600

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